Welcome to Suigetsu Ryu Karate Jutsu

We are a specialist dojo on the ‘northside’ of Brisbane, practicing Goju Ryu Karate of the Japan Karatedo Federation Gojukai. We also practice a unique form of Taijutsu from Shinto Tenshin Ryu. Our kobudo is Hishigijutsu, with techniques from Asayama Ichiden Ryu (Hassun Hishigi) and Shinto Tenshin Ryu (Tanbo). We are a small, adult-based group and encourage participation by people of all experience levels.

Through training, our aim is to help adults develop confidence, perseverance, rational and critical thinking, and positive perspectives. Our purpose is to enhance the physical and mental capacity of our students, while encouraging their courtesy, respect, etiquette and humility. Our training regime and approach encourages people to better understand and challenge their own limits, and we hope that these lessons can be applied in everyday life.

‘Suigetsu Ryu’ literally means ‘water moon school’. However, a more appropriate interpretation is ‘the moon reflected on water school’. The name is derived from a Zen Buddhist classic and is appropriate for our school of karate jutsu.

Where: Wilston Presbyterian Church (rear hall) – 28 Macgregor Street, Wilston. 

When: Mondays 7:30pm – 9:00pm.